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Apr 10 2017

2 Wire | The Basics

Calrad 40-204 | 1080P (2 Wire Transmitter and Receiver with IR, RS232):
The new 2 Wire technology system provides many useful features and options to send up to 1080P video, IR and RS232 control signals together over 2 wires . . .

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Apr 09 2017

2 Wire | Applications

This application shows connectivity between a single 40-204T transmitter and a single 40-206 4 port 2 Wire signal splitter that sends 2 Wire signals to four 40-204R 2 Wire receivers . . .

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Apr 08 2017

2 Wire | Training

We know your time is valuable, so Calrad provides many different methods to learn about our 2 Wire technology and product line. The benefits of this valuable knowledge and information are valuable tools your business can use to educate yourself, your staff and provide new opportunities for you.

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Apr 07 2017

2 Wire | IR RS232 Control & Connectivity

This application shows IR connectivity between a single 40-204T transmitter and a single 40-204R Receiver with multiple options for IR control. Download the PDF file for viewing and ability to Zoom in\out of the diagram . . .

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